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Automation Batch Tools

Automation Batch Tools is a program to automate and batch process of tasks on the computer
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3 April 2012

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If we start counting, there can be several tasks that we do in a total 24 hour’s time and can be innumerable to jot down and imagine how we manage to do so much in a limited time frame. Having a career makes our lives all the more busy and complex and makes us wish to have significantly more time for friends and family. Further, the ordinariness and repetition of the everyday tasks makes the whole process too mediocre and we think it is needless to spend time on similar tasks repeatedly and consequently we assign them to others. However, it can be done through another method by automating those tasks with the assistance of Automation Batch Tools 3.1.0 that works to perform tasks in batches without any hassles.

Automation Batch Tools displays a neat and organized interface with the main controls placed at the top and the main screen showing the details of the working of the software which includes managing files and working with project files and batches of folders. The application is perfectly suited for automating repetitive tasks and batch processing of tasks that are required to performed in routine. Creating image galleries along with resizing of the pictures placed and FTP uploading of files to several servers at once makes it simpler for the user to make up for external batch scripts and applications and also for replacing text and information in documents and files. The automation modules also include web page optimization and placing effects over pictures and other media.

To sum up, Automation Batch Tools 3.1.0 can easily work as an automation tool for working out several tasks at a time in batches and hence gets a rating of four points for its superlative performance.

Publisher's description

Automation Batch Tools is a tool for automation and batch processing of repetitive tasks on the computer. With the built-in automation tasks modules you can e.g. generate image galleries, resize images, FTP upload files to multiple servers, rename files, search-and-replace text in files (optionally using regular expressions), and call external batch scripts and applications (thereby enabling even more uses). Automation Batch Tools is extendable. Programmers can write their own modules / plugins and thereby add new functionality allowing users to create new kinds of specialized tasks and batches. Automation modules include: FTP uploader, web page optimizer, text replacer, image effects (batch resize images, create disabled glyphs etc.), list directories in HTML and text, run other applications, path name fixer and more.
Automation Batch Tools
Automation Batch Tools
Version 3.2.2
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